Tim Mabee

2022 First Place

Tim directed the Pub Club for 17 years. He is well liked and respected in the Backgammon community.

Steve Hairgrove

Second Place

Steve finished eight straight top six in 2022, including four times as player of the year.

Ken Tyszko

Third Place

It was Ken's third time finished top six.

Tak Morioka

Fourth Place

Tak had the highest win percent in 2022 than anyone in top six. He is the local legend and a #1 All Time in Chicago Points.

Don Marek

Fifth Place

Impressive eight time Pub Club Player of the Year.

Craig Anderson

Sixth Place

Craig finished second straight top six in two years.

Val Zimnicki

Former Pub Club Director

Awards Night

Thank you Barbara Levinson for the beautiful balloons and everyone that came and helped us celebrate our top six players.