Welcome to Pub Club Chicago

We are Pub Club, a fun and friendly place to play backgammon since 1979. We welcome new players of all levels of interests; newcomers from the area play free.  We meet at 6:30pm every Thursday at Two Chefs, 3 South Center St in Bensenville.  For questions and additional details, contact Paulette at admin@pubclubchicago.com or (630) 643-6965.

How Pub Club Started
Jeff Henry had just moved to Lisle, IL and read about a weekly backgammon tournament in the Chicago Tribune. The tournament was every Monday at the Lloyds of Lisle Rib House. Jeff attended the tournament as soon as possible on Monday, September 17, 1979. He met two men at the tournament and invited them to his new apartment and they sat on unpacked boxes and played backgammon chouette until 5:00 am. In the final game, one of the men was -$900 and then threw the perfect double 5’s to end up +$125! All 3 men were regulars after that.

A couple months later, on a Monday night in November, the man who ran the tournament at the rib house did not show up, and was never seen again. Jeff Henry volunteered to run the tournament that night, and then did it every week thereafter. Bill Davis designed the new logo with the beer mug and a pair of dice, and the Pub Club was officially off the ground.

Credit to Glenn Olson!
  • Streamwood, Illinois, United States